We move your unplanned maintenance to planned. Less reactive disruptions equal higher fleet availability


Enhanced monitoring of critical components helps to detect when and where your assets are going to fail and prevent disruptions.


Reduce delays and increase velocity using the recommendations of our predictive models.



End-to-end Predictive Analytics for the Industrial IoT

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Predict Turn equipment telemetry and maintenance history data into actionable reliability work orders.

Prevent Move unplanned maintenance to planned maintenance enabling you to gain greater control of unexpected equipment failures.

Perform Improved asset reliability creates higher asset availability. Align your fleet operations department with maintenance professionals.

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Predikto provides actionable analytics solutions to improve visibility and equipment reliability of rail, aviation, and industrial fleets. Our machine learning SaaS engine connects the dots between equipment condition and existing sensor data to provide warnings of abnormal equipment health.

Streamline operations with Predikto Enterprise

Easily turn machine data into actionable predictions in an automated solution built for operations

Asset Utilization

Improve the revenue generating availability of complex capital assets by moving unplanned to planned maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

Unplanned maintenance costs between 3 and 9 times more than planned or preventative maintenance.

Regulatory & Safety Compliance

Improve regulatory and safety compliance through diagnostic identification of causes of failure. Explore human factors impacting safety.

Device Visualization

Visualize the health of your fleet with GIS map capabilities that tell you what equipment is expected to impact operations in the near future.

Resource Productivity

Improve labor, equipment, and capacity utilization by deploying the right resources to the right place at the right time and with the right parts.

Product Servitization

Enable the sensing, monitoring, prediction, and response capabilities required for performance based contracts and the servitization of products.

Solutions for Your Business

We have solutions to help you move from unplanned to planned operations

RailIncrease availability while reducing risks

The largest railroads and passenger train organizations in the world are using Predikto to consolidate all of their fleet telemetry, maintenance, and operations data with the single focus of reducing unplanned maintenance. Learn how they are able to act on predictive warnings and prevent disruptions to operations.

FleetsRight person. Right place. Right time.

Fleet operators have unique challenges to ensure their equipment has the highest availability in the most efficient way. Learn how Predikto helps fleet operators capitalize on their telematics solutions be taking them to the next level in condition based maintenance (CBM) and asset reliability to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

AviationCustomer experience starts with punctuality and safety

AOGs are costly and disruptive to customers, fleet operations and MRO professionals. Learn how Predikto helps airlines predict specific failures by ATA codes days in advance enabling operations to match the right tail with the right route.

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