Inquire about Partnership Opportunities


The development of a robust Partner Community is a cornerstone in Predikto’s success. Our product has been developed since inception to fit your needs. Providing you with true differentiation and the ability to have a predictive analytics plug in that can be productive in a matter of weeks. Providing your clients with the ability to expand their current vision from the past and present (reactive) to the present and future (predictive).

We focus on partners who have the vision and desire to change how their customers think and to truly “move the needle”.

Understanding that market leadership requires many different partner models we have built our program around the following types of partners:

  • OEM - manufacturers, developers or managed service providers who resell and integrate the Predikto product under their own name and branding
  • Reseller or VAR - a company that resells software or services acquired from Predikto with additional “added value” in the form of services or products
  • Referral - a company or individual who refers us to a company they know which turns into revenue for Predikto Analytics
  • Consulting Partner - a company who specializes in a specific market and offers their expertise in support of the Predikto product
  • Technology Partner - a company that builds apps and integrates their products with Predikto

If you are interested in becoming a Predikto Partner please contact us.