Railroad and Transit


The rail industry is a critical component of transportation of goods, services, and people. Railroads can’t just add new track to keep up with growing demand. They must find ways to operate more efficiently. In the US, it is estimated that $160K of annual revenue is lost to unplanned downtime for each locomotive. By moving just 10% of unplanned maintenance to planned maintenance the average Class 1 can save over $80M USD per year.

Locomotives, bullet trains, wayside, signal equipment, and track testing processes generate massive amounts of machine data that contain a gold mine of information. Using this data to identify future maintenance events allows maintenance teams to shift maintenance from unplanned to planned and allows fleet managers to assign the most healthy assets to the most critical routes.



Problem Solution
Reduced locomotive availability due to breakdowns Increase Return on Asset by moving maintenance from unplanned to planned
Rolling stock failures Address these potential outages during routine maintenance stops
Unfulfilled customer orders and SLAs Use asset/health information to schedule most reliable assets on critical routes
Mission failures and critical events Increased asset health leads to less catastrophic events
Wayside equipment causing unnecessary delays Address potential wayside malfunctions before the train departs on a route
Poison assets and repeat offenders Identify problem assets and remove from service
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