Use Cases


Learn what Predikto has done for others.

Warehouse Management System.

  • Company: Fortune 50 CPG
  • Location: North America.
  • Assets: 150+ Warehouse sites, 25 major errors

11MM hours yealy downtime

If the warehouse management system goes down - goods cannot be shipped

Quay Crane Preventative Maintenance

  • Company: Large Shipping Company
  • Location: Spain
  • Assets: Quay Cranes

Quay Crane Downtime measured in thousands of dollars per minute

Disparate storage + lack of knowledge = unlocked potential

Locomotive Failures

  • Company: Large Freight Rail
  • Location: Germany
  • Assets: 400+ Locomotives

Customer has embarked on ambitious digital transformation project

Predikto is a key component

Hot Bearing Detectors (HBDs)

  • Company: Class 1 Railroad
  • Location: North America
  • Assets: 900+ Wayside HBDs

$10MM Yearly Waste

Sensors measure wheel-baring temperature. False-positve = unplanned stop

Positive Train Control

  • Company: Rail Supplier
  • Location: North America
  • Assets: ~27K Locomotives

Costly Delays on operable locomotives

PTC: US Government mandated safety system. Equipment inoperable = train cannot depart
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